The perpetual state of Nintendo fans.

The lead up to E3 really is a reminder that there are two types of fans out there, in regards to Nintendo.

The Worry-Wart

This group looks for the bad, sees the bad, even when the bad isn’t that bad, or the bad hasn’t even happened yet. E3 will be bad. Why? Because Nintendo is doing something.

The Other Guys and Girls

While the first group is seeing the bad, the second group is sitting on their hands wondering why the first group is so outraged to begin with. Often afraid to speak up as not to be seen as an apologist for Nintendo or a “fan.”


So as E3 draws near and we get Pokemon Directs without major announcements, and Nintendo’s event is only approximately 30 minutes long, these lines have been drawn in the sand for the millionth time. Video games really are the great divide in the world.


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